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Momentum Motivate Wrap

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Motivation That Makes a Statement

Mix up your wrist-wear with our Rectangle or Oval Motivate Wraps TM. Lightweight, funky, and fun, our Motivate Wraps are proudly made in the USA and will never tarnish (did we mention it’s also hand-washable?).

In short, they represent all that’s amazing about you and all you hope to accomplish, while still being ridiculously fashionable. And, of course, since our wraps are specially designed to never rub, slip, or chafe, it means the only thing you feel wearing these bracelets is totally inspired!

Wrap it, twist it, braid it, stack it... The possibilities are pretty much endless! This wrap is as flexible as you are. Wear it to the gym or wear it on a run. Wear it as a fashion statement, as well as absolutely everything in between.

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